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Something (Navy) Blue

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I spent the past holiday weekend in the Catskills for a friend's wedding, and let me tell ya, the views were incredible! We got to take the ski lifts up to the ceremony site (and yes, it was a littttleeee scary, but the views helped distract me from the heights, haha), and combined with the gorgeous weather, it was the perfect setting for a romantic wedding. 

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It's always tough to figure out what to wear to a wedding, and with the amount of photos, Instas and Facebook posts each celebration generates, it's tough to re-wear the same thing all season! Luckily, I came across this navy blue maxi from, which was perfectly priced at $44. Best of all, I scored it while the site was having a 50% off promo, so I got it for just $22, which is just crazyyyy. I styled it a little more conservatively than the model on the site, opting to wrap it a bit tighter and keep the decolletage sitch on the more modest side of things.

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I paired the maxi wrap dress with a silver choker, which is one of my favorite recent eBay scores. This choker was seriously $1.89, and to be honest, I wasn't expecting a whole lot at that price. But I was totally blown away--the necklace has a great weight to it, and the detailing makes it look WAY more expensive than it is. Definitely recommend scoring this one while the choker trend continues! Adding in some secondhand black sandals (around $10 from Buffalo Exchange) and my $10 street fair sunnies, the whole outfit came out to just under $44. 

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The Not-So-Basic LBD

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