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Casual Cutoffs

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Hit a bit of a clothing rut a few weeks ago when the city was at peak humidity and I had exactly 20 minutes to throw an outfit together before an after work event. After 10 minutes of standing in front of my closet and mentally rejecting every single thing in it, I threw on some cutoffs and a flowy crop top and called it a day. Honestly, I didn't feel the best leaving my apartment--I felt terribly under-dressed, sweaty and to top it all off, my hair felt like a frizzy mess. Blegh.

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Funny thing is, despite my initial feelings of intense outfit-inferiority, I still had the best time at the event, and managed to even feel confident enough to snap a few #ootd pics on the way there. Looking at them now, it really wasn't as bad as I had imagined it to be--the cutoffs, which are a vintage Lee pair I thrifted for around $1.50 are totally cute and hot weather appropriate. Why was I even stressing?? Lesson learned: sometimes your not-so-put-together looks are actually completely fine, and no one should ever worry, ever. :)

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The crop top is an old fave from summers past, purchased at a sample sale from Aussie brand Ladakh for $15. I paired them with some brand new lace-up sandals, which I purchased from scored them while the site was running a 50%-off-shoes promo for around $22, but they're currently priced at $40. (Boohoo offers promos all the time, however, so you can definitely get them for less!) I added an old, gifted leather bag and a pair of $10 mirrored sunnies (purchased during my recent trip to the Venice Beach boardwalk!) into the mix, and the whole cuter-than-I-realized look came out to just under $49.

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