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In The Navy

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Another Monday, another edition of work wear success stories, this time brought to you by Mango. As I mentioned last week, I went on a bit of an online Mango Outlet shopping spree, scoring a bunch of office-ready dresses in the hopes of eliminating my daily morning work wear struggle ONCE AND FOR ALL. One of my fave buys is this navy polka-dotted number, which is on sale for $40, though unfortunately (and unsurprisingly) sold out in most sizes already. (In case you're looking for a cute polka-dot piece, this $10 neoprene dress is also one of my favorites, and it's still available in a few more sizes!)

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Funny thing about this dress: in my rush to get ready for work, I totally wore it backwards all day. I didn't realize until I revisited the Mango site and saw that the little neck-tie thing is supposed to be in the back, but hey, I think I actually prefer the dress this way. The little neck-tie is too cute to hang out in the back!

budget fashion blogger

I paired the dress with some simple Aldo pumps (purchased on sale for around $65), plus some $10 street vendor sunnies. Adding in my gifted black tote, the whole look came out to around $115.

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Shift + Sandals

Tassels + Lace-Ups