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TFTT x Azazie

azazie bridesmaid dress

As someone who has semi-recently survived the horrors of wedding planning, one of the toughest parts of the process was finding bridesmaids dresses that were flattering + chic without being crazy expensive. I searched high and low, and found it pretty tough to find quality gowns priced under $300, or even $200. So when I heard about Azazie, a site specializing in custom bridesmaid + special occasion dresses priced between $89-$159, I reallyyy wished I had known about it sooner.

azazie blogger review
azazie bridesmaid dress

Azazie graciously offered to send a custom dress my way earlier this spring, and while I'm not a bride-to-be or bridesmaid, the vast amount of styles/colors available on the site mean that there are plenty of options for any formal event. Since I've got several wedding invites lined up for later this year, I figured it was the perfect time to add a new wedding guest look to my closet. I ended up going with the Amya dress ($139) in Mulberry. 

azazie dress review
azazie dress review

Even with a custom order (which was estimated to take 7-8 weeks), my dress came super fast. My order was in on April 16, and while it was expected to arrive in early June, it arrived way ahead of schedule on May 9. And best of all, once it arrived, packaged neatly in a garment bag, it was even prettier than I imagined. The color was exactly as pictured, and I was impressed with the accurate fit.

azazie amya dress

Seriously, if you're on the hunt for a custom, formal dress for any occasion well under $200, I can't recommend Azazie enough. Also, the site currently has some final sale clearance dresses in select sizes/colors for only $35, which is an absolute steal. Happy hunting! xo

azazie dress review

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