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Olive + Gray

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I've been pretty blah about this very blah spring weather we've been having, which I guess has made it kinda tough to get excited about getting dressed every morning. When it's a 45-degree drizzly morning in May (Yes, May. Not a typo!), it's hard not to just throw on some warm leggings and a sweater and call it day. We had some slightly temperate weather last Saturday, however, so I decided to take advantage by pairing a skirt (with no tights!) and a crop top for the first time this year. Of course, it chilled back down a few hours later, and was pouring rain by Sunday, but hey, gotta take what you can get.

budget fashion blogger

I scored this olive green skirt for just $4 while thrifting in Austin, Texas last year, and it's one of my faves year-round--I've worn it in the middle of winter and the dog days of summer. On this particular spring day, I paired the skirt with a black crop top, which was a $5 eBay buy, and added a long, flowy light gray cardigan, which I picked up on sale from Forever 21 for around $12 (last worn here!). 

I finished off the look with a pair of lace-up flats, which I purchased on sale from Old Navy for just $18 at the end of the summer season last year. (Besides being able to rock them on one freakishly warm December day, I've pretty much been hoarding these babies until this spring!) Adding in my $6 street vendor sunnies, the whole look came out to around $45.

budget fashion blogger

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