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April Showers

budget blogger style

This weekend was pretty confusing, weather-wise--Friday started off sunny and warm, but by the time Saturday morning rolled around, the city was a chilly, drizzly mess. Of course, that didn't stop me from my goal of the day, which was to hit up Bibble & Sip and try one of their Insta-famous matcha cream puffs. (Totally lived up to the hype, btw!)

budget fashion blogger

Since I knew there was a chance there'd be some sort of outdoor line for a dessert this trendy, I bundled up a bit with a thrifted turtleneck, scored for just $0.99 from Thredup, and my Zara trench, which was a birthday gift from a few years ago. 

I paired the turtleneck with some comfy boyfriend jeans (last worn here!), which were a $24 street market buy from my trip to Korea last year. To add some flair to my all-basics look, I added a thrifted silk scarf to the mix, which was less than a $1 from Goodwill.

budget fashion blogger

I finished off the chill weekend look with a pair of $26 booties from Primark, and adding in my usual pair of $6 street vendor sunnies, the whole look came out to around $58.

budget fashion blogger

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