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Winter Blues

budget fashion blogger

Even though we've technically entered spring, it sure doesn't feel like it. (I'm actually convinced that spring isn't a real season in NYC--our seasonal pattern goes summer, fall, winter, somewhat-milder-winter and then straight back into summer.)

budget fashion blogger

Since I was mourning the spring fake-out we had just experienced this past weekend, my Saturday morning brunch look was a little more somber than usual. I paired an oversized black sweater (purchased from a friend's closet clean-out sale, for $3) with a cute checkered mini skirt, which was a gift from another friend. 

budget fashion blogger

I kept things cozy with a thick pair of tights, and a pair of boots from Primark ($26), and then finished off the look with a bright blue backpack (a birthday gift from my mom). Head to toe, the whole look came out to around $29.

April Showers

Silk + Stripes