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Now that the weather's warmed up, one of the best budget-friendly ways to get around the city is by bike. Even though I'm not a bike owner (tiny apartment = not a lotta bike storage!), I'm a fan of NYC's Citibike bike-share program, which has made it so much easier for the casual cyclist to get from point A to point B without having to worry about theft, bike locks, flat tires or any of those other bike ownership-related stresses. Still, NYC's roads are definitely NOT the smoothest, so sometimes ya need a little extra cushioning on that bike seat....which is now super easy to add thanks to my CitySeat

What exactly is a CitySeat you ask? WELL. Let's just say that if you use one, your butt will definitely thank you. They're extra-padded bike seat covers that easily slip on to any bike seat, and they make it sooo much more comfortable to tackle NYC's pothole-ridden streets.


Since this is primarily a style blog, it's also really important to note that CitySeats are super cute, and come in a ton of fun patterns and fashion-forward designs. (The one I'm rocking on my Citibike in this post is the "Summer" design.) Oh, and they're also totally affordable, at $35 a pop. Wanna get your own, or maybe buy one as a gift for that disturbingly fit, spin class-obsessed friend of yours? You can find them here. Happy cycling! xo


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