Cool Shoulders

While we missed out on having a white Christmas in NYC this year, I was able to enjoy a little snow while visiting family upstate ahead of the holidays. Of course, when it gets that cold, the only thing I want to do is throw on a ratty old sweatshirt (most of which are left over from my college days, eek!) and call it a day. But luckily, on this particular snow day, I had this super cute sweatshirt from Make Me Chic on hand (just $21!), whose mesh shoulder detailing and floral embroidery easily make it one of the most adorable winter pieces in my closet. 

One of my fave things about this sweatshirt is that it goes as well with jeans as it does dressed up with a skirt, so I paired it with a rust-colored mini from Forever 21, which I scored a while back for around $13. (Found a similar-colored skirt for just $14.50 below!) 

I finished off the look with some sheer tights (this 3-pack for $14--under $5 per piece--has been getting me through the winter!), plus my go-to over-the-knee boots, which I purchased from Amazon for around $40 during the fall. Amazon is always switching up their pricing, which is kinda annoying, so the same boots in black are now around $46, though there are a few other colors available for less. Adding in my $6 sunnies (found these similarly-shaped ones for $20!), my whole look came out to around $85.