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Souped-Up Sleeves

Souped-Up Sleeves

I've been loving all the ruffled sleeve styles popping up this fall, and I finally hopped on the bandwagon with this cute striped top from Make Me Chic. The classic black-and-white stripes make it easy to pair with almost anything, and the tiered details at the sleeve add a fun twist to an everyday basic. Plus, it's only $22, making it an affordable way to get in on trend. :)

I paired the top with a black-and-white checkered skirt, which was a gift from a friend, along with a some black faux-suede over-the-knee boots. (I scored this pair on Amazon for $40--they're currently only available in a few sizes in a camel color, but hopefully they'll get more in stock soon! In the meantime, a very similar style for $35 is available in more sizes/colors here.)

If you're looking for more ruffle-sleeved action, Make Me Chic has plenty of other fun options, including this cute dress and this off-the-shoulder top (both under $25!). And for more of my recent Make Me Chic faves, you can check them out here, here and here! xo

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