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Dark and Stormy

Had an overnight summer storm a couple nights ago, and since Koko's terrified of thunder, that meant I didn't get a whole lotta sleep. And now that I'm getting older, one lost night of sleep definitely affects my energy level the rest of the week--I feel like I have yet to catch up on those lost ZZZs, and mornings have been pretty rough. Thank god for little black dresses that I can throw on after hitting the snooze button too many times.

I scored this black chiffon number for $0 at a swap party earlier this year, and it fits like a dream. And since nothing forces you to wake up and concentrate like a pair of sky-high heels, I opted to rock a rare pair of six-inch stilettos from Forever 21, which were an impulse buy of around $27. Adding in my mirrored sunnies from Ebay (around $6), the whole head-to-toe look came out to $33.

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Maxed Out

Summer Grays