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Beach Bun

thrifted fashion

So even though I'm a fairly decent traveler--I'm pretty organized when it comes to catching flights, booking hotels, etc.--I'm pretty terrible at packing. It's not that I pack way too much, since I AM good a stuffing a whole lot into a tiny suitcase, but that I usually end up packing last minute the night before, and then end up having to make outfits out of whatever random things ended up in my suitcase. Sometimes it turns out okay. Sometimes not so okay, haha.

thrifted style

A few girlfriends and I took a quick trip to Miami Beach over the weekend, and despite being determined to pack well ahead of time, a busy week forced me to put off all my packing til 11pm the night before my flight. Once in Miami, I realized I had totally forgotten to bring any kind of beach cover-up, so I had to improvise, digging out a black crochet tack (scored secondhand from a friend) to double as beachwear.

vintage levis

I paired the crochet top with a pair of vintage Levis cutoffs, which I found for $29 on Ebay, from a seller called The Family Vintage, and a pair of $12 pool silvers from Forever 21 (I scored mine while they were on sale, but you can get the same pair for $23 here! They took about a day to break in, but now they're realllyyy comfy.) With my hand-me-down sunnies, the whole head-to-toe outfit came out to $35.

thrifted fashion

Summer Grays

Good Sport