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Primary Colors

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I tend to gravitate a little bit more toward brighter hues in the spring, and this casual weekend definitely proves that. I scored this cute Cynthia Steffe top for roughly $1.50 at Underground Thrift's Stuff a Sack sale, and was drawn to the pattern's pops of primary colors. Oh, and the fabric is super light and breathable, which means I'll probably be wearing this a lot more once summer hits.

thrifted fashion
thrifted fashion blog

I paired the top with a pair of pretty neutral navy shorts, found at a J.Crew outlet store for $20, but played up the color scheme by accessorizing with my gifted blue backpack (also worn here!) and a pair of red tasseled earrings ($5) from The Candy Shop, a cute little boutique in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. I finished off the look with my $6 sunnies and a pair of black-and-gold sandals ($1, from Cure Thrift Shop's Dollar Sale), bringing the whole head-to-toe outfit to just under $34.

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