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Spring Fling


It may officially be June, but we're currently experiencing a cold front for some reason, and it's been rainy and gross for the last day or so. So instead of showcasing my not-so-cute rainy day look feat. some super frizzy hair and a trench coat, I'm digging into the May archives to share this springtime ensemble.

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I nabbed this beautiful, sheer lace dress at the Spring Fashion Swap for exactly $0, and it was probably one of my fave swap finds--I still can't believe someone would give this up! There's no label on it, so I have no idea where or when it's from, but I could care less. It's gorgeous.

thrifted fashion blog

I paired the lace dress with a white slip (cost unknown) and my $5 pair of secondhand heels from Cauz for Pawz, and then cinched the waist with a brown belt ($1.80, from Housing Works' Buy the Bag sale). Head to toe, with a pair of $6 sunnies, the whole look came out to $12.

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