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All Navy Everything

Sometimes, instead of going "all black everything," I opt to mix things up with black's cool cousin, navy. I've been working to get more neutrals like navy in my closet, so I was super pumped when I scored these super comfy navy Zara pants for exactly $0 at the Ethical Writers Co.'s clothing swap last year. (As a heads up for all my NY-based thrifters, the group is having ANOTHER swap in Brooklyn next month--you can grab tickets here! This swap is seriously the best one I've ever been to--I highly recommend!)

thrifting blog
thrifting blog

I paired the navy pants with a navy-and-white vintage top, which was also $0, from a friend's clothing swap (Seriously people, organize some swaps!!), and kept with the navy theme with a wool hat (also worn here and here), which I got from Amazon for $10.80. I finished off the look with a gifted white bag and some black ankle boots from Dorothy Perkins ($45), bringing the whole head-to-toe look to just under $56.

thrifting blog

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