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Snow Over It

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Even though spring is technically just a few weeks away, it's never felt farther. I'm pretty sick of the snow by now, which, yes, is pretty at first, but quickly turns into dirty slush and enormous sidewalk puddles within a matter of hours.

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Even though I'm officially OVER IT, I tried to make the best of a snowy Sunday over the weekend, heading out in a purple silk top (free, from a clothing swap) and a pair of black stretch pants, which were just $0.99 from ThredUp's recent 99-cent sale.

thrifting fashion blog
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To keep warm, I layered an $8 multicolored sweater from Cure Thrift Shop (last worn here!) under my $20 gray coat, which was a Salvation Army Coat Sale score, and topped off the look with a black hat ($10, from a Queens boutique). Adding in my black leather boots ($98, from MyHabit, though the same pair are priced slightly higher now), the whole outfit came out to $137.

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