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Silk + Cashmere

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I've been having a lot of luck finding luxe fabrics at the thrift stores lately, scoring more than a few silk and cashmere pieces over the past couple months. Over the weekend, I coincidentally wore several of them at once, including this green silk skirt (last worn here!), which I snagged for just $4 while thrifting in Austin, Texas.

thrifting blog

I paired the skirt with a vintage black silk top (just 0.99 from a recent sale on ThredUp), and a silver belt ($6, NY&Co.). It was too cold for bare legs, unfortunately, so I added a pair of sheer tights, despite the fact that tights plus silk often equals crazyyy static cling. (But here's a pro tip: just rub a new dryer sheet over your tights, and voila, the static instantly disappears--and I keep the sheet with me in my bag for touch-ups.)

thrifting blog

I also warmed up the look with a tan cashmere sweater, which was a bit of a thrift splurge at $45, from Housing Works' Soho shop. BUT it seriously feels like heaven. I couldn't resist! I finished off the look with my Dorothy Perkins ankle boots ($45) and a pair of $6 street vendor sunnies. Head to toe, the whole look came out to $107.

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