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Rosy Outlook

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I've been sitting on a backlog of photos from over the past week, but just haven't had time to edit them and post--until today! And thank god, cause I've been dying to share this gorgeous rose-colored Sachin + Babi dress, which I scored at Housing Works' Best of Spring sale. It was priced at $56, which is a total deal given that it's in like-new condition, and Sachin + Babi dresses typically retail for between $300-$400.

thrifting blog
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Unfortunately, it's still been wayyy too cold to wear a summer dress outdoors, but I took it for an indoor test run last week, pairing it with a pair of simple nude heels ($5, Cauz for Pawz) and some rose gold jewelry, including a gifted bangle and necklace ($0.99, Ebay). Head to toe, the whole look came out to $62.

thrifting blog

Disclosure: A gift card was provided by Housing Works, but opinions expressed here are my own.

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