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Midtown Monochrome

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It seems like the weeks after Thanksgiving fly by like THAT, right?? Like one second you feel like you have all the time in the world to find each friend and family member that perfect, thoughtful and personalized gift they've always wanted. And then BAM. You remember that all those perfect gifts you've (hopefully!) bookmarked online will take at least 10 business days to ship, and you need to hurry the eff up, or else risk running into the nearest big box store and having to buy something last minute. Let's just say holiday stress levels are high right now. 

budget fashion blogger

In the midst of all this pre-holiday madness, however, I had the pleasant surprise of getting invited to preview a new clothing line, Lisa & Lucy, and took a break to swing by their midtown showroom earlier this week. Their showroom was completely decked out in all kinds of gorgeous spring-themed swag, while I was still in straight winter mode, dressed in head to toe gray and black. My monochrome look consisted of a simple black dress ($7, Old Navy), layered under a fuzzy gray sweater, which was just $1 at Buffalo Exchange's annual Earth Day Dollar Sale. I added a thrifted gray coat ($20, from the Salvation Army Coat Sale), a secondhand grid-print blanket scarf ($17, from eBay) and a new pair of comfy black booties, which SunitaV snagged for me at the new Primark store in Philly for just $26. With a secondhand silver necklace ($4) and a gifted bag, the whole look came out to $75.

budget fashion blogger

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