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Tale Of The $10 Overall Dress

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Here's a fun fact about me: I spent one summer in high school working at an Old Navy in Indiana. And because of that, even just strolling past an Old Navy store is enough to give me flashbacks of breaking down boxes in a back room and hours spent organizing giant wall displays of $1 flip-flops, only to seem them destroyed by careless customers in seconds. So you can imagine, I don't walk into Old Navy stores very often, which is a shame, since they've really upped their style game in recent years, and their prices are pretty hard to beat. But thank god for the internet, which has allowed me to shop from the comfort of my couch and saved me from having to relive my summer of sophomore year!

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I bought this cute denim overall dress from Old Navy just a few weeks ago online, where it's currently on sale for $14.97, and thanks to a coupon code for 40% off, I was able to score it for just around $10 with tax. (I always, ALWAYS check for coupon codes when I shop anywhere online--it never hurts to check!)  I love that it's roomy enough to layer a warm sweater underneath for winter, like this cozy $7 one from a Joe Fresh sale, but I'll also be able to pair it with a cute tank come summer. 

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I added a knit hat from eBay ($7) for warmth, and finished off the look with a pair of Dorothy Perkins booties ($45), a gifted black bag and a pair of hand-me-down sunnies, bringing the whole head-to-toe look to $69.

old navy

And P.S., with the Thanksgiving holiday just around the corner, I wanted to remind everyone in the greater NYC area about this opportunity to donate clothing to help support the Big Brothers Big Sisters. If you have clothing you never wear just lying around, you might as well pack it up and drop it off for a good cause! xo

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