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Red(dy), Set, Go

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My husband is a pretty avid runner, and since most running events take place obscenely early, it means I occasionally have to spend my Sunday mornings up at 6:30am and show some support at the finish line. Of course, I am so NOT a morning person, so whatever I end up wearing on a race day is pretty much a mishmash of random, easily-grabbable pieces from my closet.

budget style blogger

This past Sunday, the hubs had a run in Central Park, and despite staying up late and catching up on my Netflix (crazyyyy Saturday night, I know!), I rallied and threw on the first pair of pants I could find at 6:30am: a pair of black high-waisted jeans that were $14 from eBay, and that I just realized I've worn in my last three blog posts. Which means that they are very CLEARLY my favorite pair of pants right now. 

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I also threw on a classic striped long-sleeve tee, which was $12 from H&M, and then added some athletic vibes to the look with a pair of Nike sneakers (purchased using a $20-off coupon at Finish Line for $50, and also worn here) and a black baseball cap ($5, from a street vendor). Then, before running out the door with a gifted black leather bag, I decided to rock one of my fave Salvation Army Coat Sale finds, a gorgeous red Calvin Klein coat that I scored for just $18, brand new with tags. (Insane deal, I know! But for some reason I hardly ever wear this coat--which needs to change ASAP.) Head-to-toe, the whole look came out to just under $100.

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