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Sometimes, it feels like New York City is just the WORST--maybe you're running late, it's pouring rain, the wind your umbrella turns inside out and then the subway takes foreverrrr to come, and it's just like, why am I suffering through this?! Why am I not living somewhere where I can just drive a car, and there's no traffic and big houses full of walk-in closets?? But for every one of those really terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days, there will also be a pretty darn perfect one.

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Last Saturday was one of those pretty perfect fall days that help remind me why I moved to this city in the first place. The temps were mild, the foliage was gorgeous and just walking through Central Park was enough to make me feel like I was in a movie. I wore a version of my typical fall uniform--a cozy sweater (scored on sale for around $7 from Joe Fresh) and some skinny jeans ($14, from Ebay), paired with my fave pair of oxfords (around $18 with a coupon, from Forever 21), which, as I've said before, are seriously the comfiest. 

budget fashion blogger

I finished off the look with a forest green hat (around $20, from a small shop in Tokyo) and a pair of hand-me-down sunnies, and with a gifted Zara trench (similar one here) and gifted black bag, the whole outfit came out to $13. 

budget fashion blogger

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