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Luxe Layering

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Sometimes it can be hard to find stuff to do in NYC when you're on a budget. And after the recent holiday shopping frenzy, who isn't on a budget right now?? Luckily, I've figured out the perfect itinerary for those weekend afternoons when you're itching to go out, but don't want to break the bank. First, meet up with a friend, because while you're busy catching up and chit-chatting, you won't have any time to think about spending money. Next, hit up a thrift shop, while also having a strict don't-spend-more-than-$10 rule in place. And make sure your friend polices you on that rule--this is key! Then, stroll around the city, which costs $0 and is also a free workout, and when you get hungry, find a cute cafe with strong coffee and croissants the size of your head, which will fill you up fast and are cheaper than brunch. Ta-da!

thrifting blog

I followed this itinerary to a T with partner-in-crime Sunita V. last weekend, and between both of us, we ending up spending $6 on two thrifted sweaters and $14 on two latte + giant croissant combos at La Colombe in the West Village. Our total for the whole afternoon came out to $20. 

thrift shopping blog
thrifting blog

My layered look for the day was similarly thrifty, of course, featuring my $20 gray coat and a $10 faux fur vest, both of which were scored at Salvation Army Coat Sales. I finished off the outfit with a gorgeous camel-colored Eugenia Kim hat (a Christmas gift!) and my $45 Dorothy Perkins boots, and then with my gifted black leather bag and some $6 street vendor sunnies, the whole outerwear ensemble came out to $81!

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