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Little Black Backpack


Remember that 90s song "Little Black Backpack?" I get it stuck in my head every time I see Sunita V. rocking this black backpack from Ebay (similar one here) on her blog, and was eventually brainwashed into borrowing it from her earlier this week.

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With summer coming to a close and all the back-to-school ads everywhere, I guess subconsciously went a little "college" with this look (oops!). I rocked the backpack with a pair of vintage denim cutoffs ($0.89 from Goodwill, also worn here) and black tank (cost unknown), along with a black hat (a hand-me-down from a friend) that would be right at home on any campus.

The comfy black booties are another hand-me-down, gifted by a friend clearing out her shoe collection, so head to toe, this whole look came out to like a dollar?! Give or take. But even with some give, that's pretty thrifty, amiright??

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