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Old Habits

printed pants

Had a fast fashion relapse this past week--old habits die hard! I was having one of those I-have-nothing-to-wear-and-am-over-everything-I-own moments (I know, I know!) and didn't have time to sift through thrift store racks, so I made a last minute run to H&M.

thrifty style

I ended up getting a pair of printed pants--which are super comfy and I've already worn multiple times--and a basic light gray sweater for around $45 for both. I've been feeling like I'm embarrassingly low on basics, so I'm trying to stop with the sequins and bold patterns and go with more versatile pieces--in other words, trying to dress more like a real adult.

h&m pants

I wore both the pants and sweater with my blue Roxy hat ($10.80, also worn here) and my black wedges ($35) from TJMaxx. With the addition of a silver necklace ($4) from my friend's closet clean-out sale, everything came out to just under $95. A little pricer than my usual ensembles,  but hey, we all fall off the thrift wagon sometimes, haha. 

budget fashion

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