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Summertime Spree

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In an effort to be more selective in my thrifting purchases, I haven't really gone on a crazy shopping spree lately. But last weekend, one of my most fashionable friends decided to do a closet purge, and ended up holding a mini-clothing sale in her adorable Brooklyn brownstone on Saturday. Of course, blogger buddy Sunita V. and I got first dibs (if we hear the word "sale," we're there like yesterday!), and I ended up taking home an entire blue Ikea bag full of goodies.

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I was SO excited to rock some of my finds that I ended up wearing a whole new outfit home from my friend's house. I snagged a pair of highlighter yellow shorts for $3 and a chambray top that my friend originally bought in Korea for $2, plus a gorgeous silver crescent necklace for $4. 

secondhand necklace
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I paired the three new-to-me pieces with my own gray tank (cost unknown), a gifted leather bag, and my fave $1 sandals from Cure Thrift Shop's Dollar Sale. After throwing on some borrowed sunnies, the whole look came out to just $10. Best of all, I love the feeling of giving a second life to my friend's pre-loved clothing, and getting to hear the stories behind each piece--it feels like I'm taking a bit of her with me every time I wear them. :) 

thrifting blog

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