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It finally feels like summer here in NYC, which means plenty of outdoor shindigs, rooftop soirees and waterfront BBQs! Some friends and I kicked off the season this Saturday on the Brooklyn Bridge Waterfront, where we grilled up burgers while enjoying unobstructed views of downtown Manhattan.

thrifted tee

The day started out nice and clear, but then we were treated to a short torrential downpour later in the afternoon. Luckily, I wasn't wearing anything too fancy, just a cropped striped tee ($1, from Cure Thrift Shop's most recent dollar sale) and some loose black sweatpants I've had for forever (cost unknown), which both dried out quickly once the clouds disappeared.

striped tee

I added a black bag borrowed from Sunita V, and finished off the look with a basic $5 baseball cap (last worn here) and my $1 Dolce Vita sandals (also from Cure Thrift!). Head to toe, the whole ensemble came out to just $7.

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