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A Philadelphia Story


I'm back from another mini getaway! This time, I took the train down to Philly for the weekend to visit some friends and, after tucking into a Philly cheesesteak on Friday night (with cheez whiz, natch), we headed to the Magic Gardens on Saturday.

magic gardens
magic gardens

If you've never been, the Magic Gardens is best described as a crazy courtyard chock full of mosaics and artwork by artist Isaiah Zargar. It is most definitely magical, and I went a little crazy snapping photos of the super cool space, which, at a $7 adult admission, was cheaper than my cheesesteak dinner! 

magic gardens
magic gardens

Because I planned on doing plenty of sightseeing, I wore my broken-in $1 Dolce Vita sandals scored at Cure Thrift Shop (Gilt is currently selling the same pair for $35), and my pleated blue maxi skirt, found at a flea market for under $5. Maxis are definitely one of my go-to summer travel items--they're comfy, easy to wear and transition well from day to night, meaning you can pack a little lighter. I topped off the look with a white lace tank ($1.50, from Housing Works' Buy The Bag sale, bringing the whole weekend outfit to under $8.

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