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Koko And Company


Whenever possible, I love taking my dog Koko with me on thrifting trips. She's the perfect city dog--super friendly, quiet and can sit patiently for hours in a shopping cart, haha. Koko joined Sunita V. and I for an early brunch on the Upper East Side Sunday, and then we headed to Unique Thrift Store in Brooklyn to hunt for treasures. I usually only visit Unique during their 50%-off sales (you can get sale alerts on their Facebook page), so I was surprised at how quiet and well-organized it was on a regular day. While there, I picked up a pair of Gap boyfriend jeans for $7. 


Since Sunday is my fave day to kick back, I wore my comfy "Universitas Indonesia" sweatshirt from Cauz for Pawz ($2, last worn here) and a simple black blazer ($7.99, Forever 21). I also decided to rock a pair of white jeans featuring a zipper trim ($1), which I found at the Cure Thrift Dollar Sale on Saturday, plus my grey suede boots (around $2, Housing Works Buy The Bag) and a black baseball cap ($5). Head to toe, the laid-back look came out to $18. 


Thrift Disco!

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