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Black 'n' White


Dressing for work later in the week can be frustrating, since I've usually run through most of my fave closet staples by Wednesday, and it can be hard to muster the usual level of caring when the weekend feels so close. And it's not just me--a recent story from The Cut shows that mid-week sartorial surrender is a real thing, and by Friday most of us just sorta give up. So when end-of-the-workweek fatigue hits, it helps if you have a few classic pieces to fall back on. And what's more classic and simple than solid stripes, a statement necklace and a blazer? 


After a couple busy workdays, I put together this easy, can't-mess-it-up look Thursday morning, featuring a vintage striped shirt I found at Cauz for Pawz ($1.99, last worn here) and the black and white, new-with-tags Cynthia Rowley blazer I snagged at Goodwill for roughly $15 (it was originally $19.99, but hooray for Goodwill's 25% off Customer Appreciation day!), plus my black stretch pants ($20).


To keep things from looking too blah, I added a teal statement necklace ($2.99, Salvation Army) and then threw on my black ankle boots ($6.50, Housing Works), which I've been wearing pretty much non-stop because despite a heel, they're super comfy. Head-to-toe, the whole outfit came out to just under $47.


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