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Back To Basics

Back To Basics


Finally, a return to the basics: brunch, the Bowery and, most importantly, beautiful weather! It finally warmed up on Saturday, and I met Sunita V early that day to grab a cup o' joe at Bowery Coffee and some Doughnut Plant donuts. After catching up, we headed over to the nearby Bowery Mural to check out the latest piece by Maya Hayuk and take advantage (along with a crowd of others!) of the colorful photo op.


While I started out the morning with a jacket and scarf, the coffee and warm sun quickly made me shed a couple layers, leaving me with a super simple outfit. I paired some patterned tan pants ($9.99, Goodwill) with a white button-up ($7, TJ Maxx), and finished off the look with my black hat ($10) and a pair of black ankle boots from Housing Works Gramercy. (The boots, which were originally $10, came out the just $6.50, since the Gramercy shop happened to be having a 35%-off sale when I stopped in. Score!) Head to toe, the whole look came out to around $34.


After our mini photoshoot, we met up with a few more friends for brunch at Freemans, a cute cafe hidden at the end of a long, graffiti-covered alley. We enjoyed a few cocktails--I recommend the Royale Grog!--and then filled up on some delicious food to round out our fun little Saturday. Here's hoping that the sun makes an encore appearance this week. Fingers crossed!


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Warm + Toasty

Warm + Toasty