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housing works jacket

It's been downcast the past few days and there's some rain predicted this weekend (boo), so  I've given up on the spring florals and reverted back to my usual black-and-gray palette.

fish scale jacket

I initially picked up this funky bluish-gray and black jacket at Housing Works Gramercy (I've been wearing a lot of Housing Works finds recently, I know!) for next winter, but since the weather's been so miserable, I ended up having reason to wear it this week. Originally $15, I got it for 30% off during a pre-spring sale, so I ended up snagging it for just $10.50. The print reminds me a bit of fish scales, which--oddly enough--I love. 

fish scale print
thrifted fashion

I paired the scaly jacket with an off-white button-up ($7, TJ Maxx), and some basic black pants ($20). I finished off the look with my black ankle boots ($6.50, last worn here), which I also scored at Housing Works, my favorite black hat ($10) and the small black purse ($0.85) found during my trip to the Goodwill in Orlando. Head to toe, the whole look came out to $54.85. 

black and gray

Light + Bright

Big Red