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Big Red

vintage red skirt

Just when you think winter is over--BAM, here comes another wave of freezing weather. So while I was really hoping to debut this vintage red skirt as part of a springtime look, I ended up having to pair it with some thick black tights and black ankle boots (sad face).

red skirt
thrifted skirt

I found both the skirt and boots at Housing Works Tribeca, which happened to be having a closeout sale before stocking their spring merchandise. Skirts were just $3 (I also snagged this one), and I also scored these barely-worn Calvin Klein leather ankle boots for just $5. Crazy, I know. I'm especially in love with the skirt, which is in perfect condition, totally work appropriate and has some cute layered detailing at the hem. Score!

calvin klein boots
floral top

I finished off the look with a gifted floral top (actually an H&M mini-dress) and a pair of black sunnies (Forever 21, $1.50). Head to toe, the whole outfit came out to $9.50.

red skirt
red skirt


Simple + Modern

Simple + Modern