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Spring Fever

Spring Fever


With all the sudden weather changes (60 degrees one day, back to freezing the next), it's been tough to figure out what to wear. On Saturday, the sun came out just long enough for me to test-run a few warmer weather looks, but unfortunately, the chilly air and wind won out and I ended up back in boots and a sweater--and fighting off a bit of a cold--by the end of the day.


Before admitting defeat, however, I snapped a few pics in an almost entirely thrifted outfit, featuring a pleated Zara skirt I got for $3 at Housing Works Tribeca last week. (The shop was clearing out a bunch of winter clothing before its Best Of Spring event, so practically everything was on sale!) I added a floral chiffon top from St. George's Thrift Shop ($5, last worn here) and a 99-cent vintage belt from Goodwill, plus the nude heels ($5) I picked up as part of my Cauz for Pawz haul last month. The heels originally had a few small marks on them, but a quick wipe-down with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser made them look good as new. 


To fight off the wind, I finished off the look with my trench coat (scored on clearance for just $20 at TJ Maxx) and a pair of $2 sunnies from Forever 21. Head to toe, the whole outfit came out to just $36. 

True Blue

True Blue

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