Sporty Spice

denim jacket.jpeg

Hey thrifters! It's pretty gross out here in NYC today--think plenty of slick ice on the sidewalks and puddles that hit way above the ankle--and my workday look is anything but chic today. So in the spirit of today's dreary and messy commute, this afternoon mini post is super casual.

For Sunday's Super Bowl, I finally got a chance to wear the Calvin Klein denim jacket I scored at Unique Thrift Store on sale for $5. I layered with a black-and-white graphic tee ($0.55, from Housing Works Buy The Bag) and an old gray hoodie (cost unknown), and then finished off the laid-back look with a black beanie ($4, from a street vendor), a pair of black pants ($20) and my Forever 21 ankle boots ($17.50), plus a pair of vintage-style sunglasses c/o WowVintage (you can find the same pair here for $10!). Head to toe, the whole sporty outfit came out to $47.05.