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Valentine's Day Haul


Happy Friday! Even though I've been pretty good at cutting back on my thrifting habit lately, I finally broke down last week and decided to hit up the Cauz for Pawz basement. Since the NYC weather's been gross, I figured most shoppers would be holed up at home, and it would be a good time to go deal hunting minus the usual competition.

vintage express.jpeg

After digging around for a while, I found a 100%-wool, vintage Express jacket in a lovely shade of golden yellow. It's a little wrinkly and has some signs of wear, but with a good dry cleaning and some TLC, I think it'll be perfect to wear for early spring. Along with the jacket, I scored a cute semi-sheer black cardigan, as well as a tea-length vintage faux leather skirt. Best of all, all the clothing items in the basement were $2 each, meaning I got all three pieces for $6!


I decided to try my luck at the $5 shoe rack, where I've found some gems in the past--including two pairs of leather boots. With spring on my mind, I snagged a cute pair of nude heels and some funky white jelly-like gladiator sandals which are super comfy. Not sure how I plan on styling the latter, but hey, they were five bucks. All in all, my shopping spree came out to $16 for everything, making for a super sweet Valentine's Day gift to myself!

white sandals.jpeg

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