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Fashion Week Round-Up

Fashion Week Round-Up


New York Fashion Week is in full swing, and to celebrate the success of Saturday's Eat Drink Thrift event, I hit up a few fashion shows with friends on Sunday. Because I'd been in party planning mode all week, I didn't have time to prep much of a look, so I went for simple and chic with my blush Zara dress (thrifted for me by Sunita V and last worn here) and my red Calvin Klein coat ($18, from the Salvation Army coat sale). I finished off the outfit with a gold coral-inspired necklace (gifted) and my black Zara pumps ($25, Rena Reborn). Head to toe with shoes, the whole look came out to $43.


Our first show of the day was at Lincoln Center, featuring Mongolian designer Katya Zol. There was plenty of great pre-show people watching, (we sat a few rows behind former model Janice Dickinson, who looked a little less plastic in person) and we were treated to a live song performance and acrobatics routine before the models took the stage. While I wasn't familiar with Zol's work prior to the show, I loved her mix of modern silhouettes and traditional Mongolian influences, and on top of it all, her models were totally gorgeous. You can check out a video of her runway show here.

nyfw singer.jpeg

After the Katya Zol show, we shuttled over to West 26th St. for a more intimate presentation featuring a handful of up-and-coming international designers, including Judith & James, M4M, Briana Dione, Apollonius, Dexter Gill and Diana Vazquez. (You can view photos from the show here.) My fave collection was by Vazquez, who had some amazing ruffled skirts and a cool, Valley of the Dolls-inspired aesthetic going on, but overall, it was fun watching such an eclectic and diverse group of collections back to back.


After the last show, my friends and I headed out into the cold and decided to go our separate ways. It was definitely tough to face Monday morning at the office after a Sunday filled with glam gowns, gift bags and gorgeous Mongolian furs, but hey, that's life!

Valentine's Day Haul

Thank You!

Thank You!