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Good As Gold

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Hey guys! I'm taking off for a pre-holiday vacay this weekend, so after this post, I'll be (mostly) signing off for the next few days (I'll still be posting on Instagram and Twitter though!). But before I head somewhere sunny and warm, I wanted to share one last holiday-inspired look.

thrifting blog
thrifting blog

While some might prefer to go full-on body-con with a party outfit, I'll occasionally go for a more cozy, covered up look, especially when I know I'll be eating and drinking a lot. This mega-oversized red and gold-trimmed sweater, which I scored at Cure Thrift Shop for $6 during an end-of-season sale, fits the bill perfectly.

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I paired the sweater with a red vintage skirt, scored from Housing Works Tribeca for just $3, and a pair of tights (cost unknown), and finished it off with my $45 Dorothy Perkins boots. Adding in a gifted black clutch, the whole head-to-toe look came out to $54.

thrifting blog

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