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Man Crush Monday

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In honor of the first Monday of November, I'm sharing my "Man Crush Monday," aka my #MCM, Chris. Chris is a man of many talents--first and foremost, he's my adorable fiance, but he's also my part-time photographer, occasional stylist and sometimes shopping bag bearer. And because he does so much, I was super excited to surprise him with an amazing find from last month's Salvation Army Coat Sale--a like-new Burberry duffle coat. FOR JUST $20.

thrifted burberry coat
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I was able to talk Chris into doing a quick photo shoot last week, and I still can't believe how well the coat fits him--it seems as though it was tailor-made! Later that night, I did a little online research, and found a similar duffle coat for $895 online. Safe to say, this is one of my best--if not THE best--thrift finds ever.

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thrifting blog

The rest of Chris' look isn't thrifted, but he's still a pretty savvy shopper, so here's the cost rundown on his outfit: the hat was $7.60 from ASOS, the oxford shirt was $34, also from ASOS, and his Zara pants were $60. With his $56 Jack & Jones shoes from ASOS and gifted Ray-Ban sunnies, the whole look came out to just under $178.

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