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Interview With Christiana Of BUM-CAKE Vintage

Photos courtesy of Christiana Greene

Photos courtesy of Christiana Greene

Meet Christiana Greene, the founder and curator of online vintage shop BUM-CAKE Vintage. She's got a serious knack for finding and styling vintage gems, as evidenced by BUM-CAKE's latest lookbook, which features gorgeous pieces from the shop's new Damsel collection. I recently caught up with Christiana to chat a bit about Damsel, how to work vintage into your wardrobe and her favorite fashion decade. Read on!

Photo courtesy of Christiana Greene

1) You describe Damsel as a romantic, sensual and sexy collection--what type of woman do you envision rocking Damsel pieces?

I envision a woman who's confident, has a sense of style, and is not afraid of fashion. This woman has an appreciation for vintage (even if she doesn't wear it all the time) and she knows what she likes and what she wants when it comes to shopping for clothes. I feel like this is the type of collection where there is something for most--there's a classic selection of jewelry for the modest woman, there are some edgier pieces of clothing for the fashion forward or hipster type, and there are some chic pieces that are less risky for a sophisticated/cosmopolitan woman, etc.

2) It's probably super tough to just choose ONE, but what piece in the Damsel collection are you most excited about and why?

Yeah, it's pretty hard to choose one, but I'm most excited about the 1950's Royal Blue Velvet Robe because it's definitely a rarer piece--it's by Peer, which is a vintage brand from the 50s, but it was sold at the infamous B. Altman & Co., which was a popular department store on Fifth Ave in Manhattan that closed in the late 80s. It's such a beautiful garment--the dark royal blue velvet is still in lovely condition and it's perfect for this time of year. It can be worn around the house or you could belt it and wear it as a dress.

3) For someone new to vintage clothing, what's a simple, effortless way to start working vintage into her wardrobe?

I think the most effortless way is to start with accessories or jewelry because it's the easiest way to wear vintage--you're not fully committing like you would be if you were to wear a vintage dress. Accessories and jewelry can be worn so many different ways--you can wear them with many different looks. 

Photo courtesy of Christiana Greene

4) BUM-CAKE has vintage pieces from the 1920s all the way to the 1990s, but if you had to stick to just a single decade of fashion, which would you choose?

I'd say the 60s. It was such a transitional period in fashion--the early 60s had more classic and modest lines, very sleek and Jackie O. and by the time you get to the mid to late 60s, hemlines shortened, everything got more colorful, patterns/prints became bolder and you had either the mod look or hippie look. You also went from all natural fabrics to the introduction of polyester. I love the quality of clothing from that time period.

Click through the gallery below to view the Damsel lookbook.

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Photos by Erik Dong, via BUM-CAKE Vintage.

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