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ShopMieux, Tried + True


I always love trying out new ways to shop secondhand, so you can imagine how pumped I was when online consignment site ShopMieux gave me a gift card and invited me to give them a try. If you haven't heard of 'em, here's the gist--people mail in lightly-used clothing, ShopMieux purchases the items they deem worthy to resell, and then posts those pieces on their site for shoppers to browse and buy. Super easy, right?


Well, actually it's maybe a little too easy, since ShopMieux's clean layout, great pricing and wide selection of labels--ranging from Zara all the way to Carolina Herrera--quickly leads to a very full shopping cart. After weighing my options, I was able to edit down my cart, finally deciding on a silk tulip-printed top by Rebecca Taylor and a textured black Marc by Marc Jacobs skirt for $29 each. Since shipping on orders over $49 is free, the total purchase came out to $58. I ended up rocking both pieces earlier this week, pairing them with a teal vintage belt ($0.85), my camel hair coat from the Salvation Army Coat Sale ($20), a pair of black Zara heels ($25) and a secondhand bag ($5). Head-to-toe, the entire look came out to under $109.


So how did my overall ShopMieux experience pan out? Here's the good and slightly bad:

The Good:
- Pricing is super reasonable, especially on some of the higher-end brands.
- Shipping was insanely fast! My order arrived in just two business days.
- As promised, both items were 100% authentic and arrived in great condition--no stains, smells or loose threads.
- ShopMieux is proud of the fact that it's a women-owned business, which is a nice bonus!

The Bad:
- The site's sizing info isn't always comprehensive--some stuff has detailed sizing info, while other items appear to be missing it.
- While you shop, ShopMieux shows you what other people recently purchased in the lower left-hand corner. It's a cool feature, for sure, but it sometimes gave me some mild shopping anxiety, since I worried an item I was lusting after would be sold before I checked out!


Obviously, though, the good far outweighs any negatives, and I would totally make a purchase from ShopMieux again--I've already gotten into the habit of checking back regularly for newly-posted items. Wanna try the site out for yourself? ShopMieux is giving all Tales from the Thrift readers 15% off their purchases with the code "TFTT" at checkout. So if you're looking to do some secondhand shopping without having to dig through an overcrowded consignment store rack, now's a good time. :) Happy Hunting!


Disclosure: Financial compensation was not received for this post. A gift card was provided by ShopMieux. Opinions expressed here are my own.

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