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So. I'm super exhausted today, because I stayed up all night battling it out against Final Cut Pro. BUT, it looks like it was totally worth it since I finally uploaded my very first YouTube thrift lookbook video! I guess that officially makes me a blogger-slash-vlogger now. It's a simple, super short vid (just under 3 minutes), but I'm immensely proud of it, mostly because I don't consider myself the most technologically-savvy person and I had always assumed Final Cut Pro was really hard to use (it sometimes was, but mostly not!). Plus, uploading yourself in video form onto the internet is kinda sorta scary! Anyways, I'm really happy to be sharing it, and feel free to leave feedback in the comments section--I'm obviously new at this, and would love to get input so I can make my next lookbook vid 100x better. :) 

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