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Last weekend, I attended an amazing swap event in DUMBO put together by the Ethical Writers Coalition and online vintage boutique Mode Marteau. Not only was I able to get rid of a bunch of still-cute stuff I never wear, but I also found some amazing gems to bring home, including two pairs of pants, some necklaces and a couple of tops. Plus, I was even able to drop off a bunch of leftovers from my #OtherWomanSwap party for recycling via Modavanti's ModaCycle program. So it was basically a win-win-win!

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After raiding the racks, my fellow swappers and I hauled our stuff into a corner to try everything on (anything that didn't fit or we weren't completely sold on got put back), and I loved one of my finds--a denim button-up top--so much that I decided to keep it on and wear it the rest of the day.

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I paired the top with some black pants ($20), and since it was still relatively warm out, an army green jacket ($1.50, from Underground Thrift Store) tied around the waist. I added a silver necklace ($4, scored at a friend's closet clean-out sale) and my green-gray boots (around $1, from Housing Works Buy The Bag), and with my $6 street vendor sunnies, the whole look came out to around $32.50.

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And P.S., this look was featured by fellow style blogger Joua To The Rescue as part of her new "Budgetnista" series. I did a little Q&A about my budget-shopping ways, which you can check out here!

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