Cold Front


The "polar vortex" hit NYC yesterday, meaning temps of 4 degrees and a windchill of 12 below zero. And when it's that cold and walking is one of your two primary modes of transportation, it can definitely be a challenge to look put together. So on mind-numbingly cold days like these, I usually go with a thick duster sweater, which adds both an extra layer of warmth and a pop of texture and pattern under a thick coat.


I rocked this cozy sweater to brave yesterday's weather, which I scored at Goodwill for just $9.99, and--because it was so freakishly cold out--I decided to layer a black turtleneck sweater ($0.85, Goodwill Orlando) underneath. I finished off the look with my gray jeans ($5.50 from St. George's Thrift Shop) and my gray beanie ($4, from a street vendor), plus a gifted necklace and bag (both part of my Christmas haul!). The outfit came out to nearly $25, and head to toe with shoes ($88, Aldo) the whole shabang was $113.

gold necklace.jpeg

Of course, I definitely had a coat on too, but in an effort to show off the sweater, I peeled it off to snap a few photos. (Emphasis on a few, since it was freezing, and I couldn't last more than five minutes coat-less.) Today is looking to be nearly as cold as yesterday, so stay warm out there thrifters!

goodwill find.jpeg