Springtime Sweetheart

Sweetest Things.jpg

It's almost February, a month so close to spring, and yet so, so very far away at the same time. Even though I know, scientifically speaking, that the weather will eventually warm up, it's really hard to believe that it will ever actually happen while slogging through February's leftover slush and freezing rain. I usually spend the month daydreaming about spring florals, short shorts and spaghetti straps--things that I haven't worn in so long, I've forgotten what they feel like. And so, I indulged my recent warm-weather cravings by putting together a spring-inspired wishlist from NiftyThrifty, which is currently offering 85%-off sitewide (!!!) with the code SWEETDEALS. Check out my favorite finds below, and remember, all prices are PRE-discount!

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