Wifey Material


One especially annoying thing about winter is having to constantly put on, take off and keep track of your hat, gloves and scarf. This, on top of toting around a puffy coat and your bag (and sometimes a second bag, because New York City makes you carry ALL THE BAGS), creates a perfect recipe for losing things, and I've left many a glove or scarf in a restaurant corner or on the floor of the bar. (Once, on a deceivingly warm day in early spring, I put a coat down to tie my shoe and managed to just walk away without it. Oops!)


Last weekend, I headed to brunch without a hat, since I had lost my favorite knit beanie a few nights ago and didn't feel like trying to dig another out of my insanely-packed closet. I was confident about my decision, until I got to Times Square, where the streets had turned into freezing wind tunnels of death. Luckily, like most tourist-dense areas in NYC, Times Square is chock full of cheap hats, gloves and scarves, and I picked up a novelty beanie with the word "Wifey" written on it in gold letters for $5. It was definitely not something I would normally buy, but hey, when in Rome, wear the kitschy stuff that Romans wear, right?


The rest of my brunch outfit included a black skirt from H&M ($10), a thrifted C&C California purple tank ($1.50, from the Underground Thrift Store) and my $8 ZOA sweater from Cure Thrift Shop (last worn here!). I finished off the look with a pair of black sunnies c/o WowVintage (same pair here), a gifted BaubleBar necklace and my Forever 21 ankle boots ($17.50). Head to toe, the whole outfit came out to around $42.