Better In A Sweater

Brrr! NYC's currently getting rocked by a pretty major snow storm, so I made sure to dig out my chunkiest, warmest knits for the cold weekend ahead. Despite the holidays being over, spring still seems light-years away, so I decided to do a little hunting online for some cute sweaters to help get me through the final months of winter. I hit up one of my favorite secondhand sites--ThredUp--and put together a wishlist of some cozy, secondhand pullovers, all in great condition and well-priced. (You can check out some of my previous ThredUp roundups here and here!) Happy hunting, and stay warm out there!

1. Michael Kors Turtleneck Sweater - $17.49
2. Tommy Hilfiger Red Sweater - $16.99
3. Tommy Hilfiger Striped Sweater - $16.99
4. Shoshanna Wool Sweater - $24.99
5. Ann Taylor Striped Sweater - $11.99