Last Minute Morning


It's been a super busy week so far, meaning my mornings have been pretty rushed. And when I'm in a hurry, my goal is pretty much to leave the apartment wearing something--whether it's blog-worthy or not. But every so often, the pressure cooker that is a late morning will somehow, against all odds, inspire a put-together look. Yesterday, while struggling to simultaneously brush my teeth and my hair, I pulled out an old gray dress ($5, Salvation Army) and threw on a leopard print top ($1, from the Buffalo Exchange Earth Day Sale) that I hadn't worn in ages. Add on a glittery boucle jacket ($8.50), and voila! A surprisingly cute outfit, in seconds.

leopard top.jpeg
thrifted dress.jpeg
leopard print.jpeg

I finished off my last minute look with a black bag (gifted), my black hat ($10) and a pair of comfy ankle boots ($17.50, Forever 21). Head to toe, the whole outfit came out to $42.

black hat.jpeg