New Year, New Stuff


What better way to kick off the new year than with a new thrift haul? But because my tiny apartment is already at capacity, I've made a resolution to try to curb my thrifting addiction and be a lot pickier about bringing home new finds. Instead of my default "Oh, well, it's only $4--I'll just get it," I've decided to ask myself "Do I really want this and will I actually use it?" multiple times before buying something. (Otherwise, I risk taking home a lot of cheap knick-knacks and never-worn sweaters that take up WAY too much real estate.) On New Year's Day, I hit up Unique Thrift Store's 50% off sale and, with a little willpower, resisted the urge to take home a huge haul. But one of the gems that did make the cut was this ceramic lucky cat that I fell in love with. Originally priced at $2.99, I snagged it for just $1.50. I'm considering spray painting it a different color, but for now, I'm enjoying it as is, sitting atop my desk.


In the clothing department, I also picked up this sweater for $3.50 (originally $6.99), plus a classic Calvin Klein denim jacket. The jacket--which was priced at $9.99, but on sale for $5--has a perfect, already-broken-in fit, but looks brand new. Can't wait to wear it, and I know it'll be one of my go-to pieces this spring.

denim jacket.jpeg

This last one's not a thrift find, but how cool is this gold dragon bracelet from BaubleBar? (The bracelet was a belated Christmas gift, and it's definitely giving me a Game of Thrones vibe.) It's just one of several gorgeous new jewelry pieces I've recently received, meaning I might just have to re-organize my jewelry storage situation again just to make room. Hopefully, some willpower and a little organization will go a long way in keeping my  shopping habits and closet under control this year!

dragon bracelet.jpeg