Fall Haul 2013


The month of September, with its bombardment of "Back to School" ads and fall fashion spreads, always puts me in the mood to shop. But since I've long lost my student status and definitely can't afford the latest designer duds, I satisfied my September shopping urge by hitting up a Housing Works' Buy The Bag sale last Sunday. Since it was the final day of the sale's Buy 1 Get 1 promotion, I was able to split the cost with a friend, bringing my bag's total cost from $25 to just $12.50. And because I filled my bag with a total of 23 items, each item came out to roughly $0.55. Later on in the weekend, I also made a trip to Unique Thrift Store for their Labor Day 50% off sale, scoring three items for around $10. 


I bragged about some of my fall finds in yesterday's post, which included two pairs of leather boots--from Banana Republic and Ralph Lauren--and my adorable, vintage chain mail purse. To see a few more of my fall haul faves, check out the slideshow below!